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Welcome to Goodfellow Farming

Based at Longwitton Farm, Morpeth, the Goodfellow family have farmed in Northumberland since 1969 and have worked on innovative solutions for the industry.

Poacher Block prevents car and 4×4 access through field gateways and entrances but allows agricultural vehicles such as tractors and sprayers to enter.

Poacher Block and Poacher Gate have been designed and created by John Goodfellow in Northumberland. After finding an increasing amount of field trespassing by poachers and hare coursers on arable land in the area it was decided to create a product which would prevent 4x4 and car access but allow farm machinery during peak times such as sprayers and fertiliser spreaders to enter.

Poacher Block stops trespassers such as poachers, hare coursers, and fly tipping whilst allowing entry to fields without opening and shutting gates throughout the year - increasing work rate.

Poacher Block stops vehicles from entering a field

Bale blocks don't work!