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Poacher Block Mini

Poacher Block Minis have been created for two reasons. When a gateway is too big for poacher block (wider than 20ft) the mini’s can fill the gap. There has also been demand for poacher block minis to restrict vehicle access on Bridle Paths. Two blocks can block the paths of troublesome quad bikes whilst allowing horses and walkers to pass and one block can be put against a gate to prevent it from being opened. The non-offensive design has been appreciated by a National Trust contractor.

Poacher Block Mini can be lifted or dragged by towing eye facilities (the same as Poacher Block).

Prices (including delivery)

1 Mini Block £200 + VAT

2 Mini Blocks £380 + VAT

3 Mini Blocks £540 + VAT

4 Mini Blocks £640 + VAT

5 Mini Blocks £750 + VAT

5+ Mini Blocks £150 each + VAT

Prices include delivery – full wagon load(s) POA.

To place an order please contact us at:

07850 488 308

We also recommend purchasing lifting clutches (£35 each) with your order if required.